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Star Tech Plus is a reliable company and a future with a young talented group of people who are data and tech experts in your every expects.

The artificial intelligence – Stuart Ackerman will send all the information and sort out the problem. All the services are online, and individuals and organisations can email 24/7 to sort out their problems. We will contact you until the problem is sorted out within our contract.

Our employees work with the world’s best organisation based in the UK, and you will get direction from them regarding data & tech-related programmes and research projects. AL- Stuart Ackerman will be contacted to provide the right direction in any situation.

Once Star Tech Plus is satisfied with your work as the project you are working on, you will get a reference certificate, which will be recorded in the company’s profile.


We do research on data and technology to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ChatGPT, and hence economics.

Well-reputed organisations sponsored many international students after completing our three months initial contract.

You can use your reference for the next five years.

You will contact AL – Stuart Ackerman for your services. The best contact way is to send an email.

Send an email to Star Tech Plus. We take it very confidentially.

Our Highlights

100% Data and Tech Services based on research

100% satisfaction so far from our clients.

1-to-1 service to
our clients

Three months contract helps many international students to gain sponsors from well-reputed organisations

Always take our clients to the next level