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Why Join Star Tech Plus?

Colleagues and clients join Star Tech Plus because they will get all support from the company they want for their future. We work together with our community to give the world data-driven technology services at a low cost.

We always deal with new opportunities, whether new opportunities for our colleagues, client or our community, for the betterment of the future.

Student Career

For the students, we have lots of opportunities. We are not strictly following a 2:1 degree classification when applying to a student position for equal opportunities and to give everyone a chance.

Join us, follow our recruitment page, and visit our services and recruitment areas for your opportunities. We’ll help you to get the right path whilst continuing your experience programme position and allow us to solve significant problems together.


We are recruiting for the Trainee Data Analyst Programme position. The trainee data analyst programme is suitable for the following criteria(s):

Finishing your study and haven't got any experience.

Want to develop your existing knowledge

Looking for an internship to gain experience

Want to change or develop your career as a data analyst/financial analyst/risk analyst/statistical analyst/actuarial analyst?

Apply Now!

• Apply three months contract*
• Work on actual project**
• Get a reference and work experience certificate***

  • After completing the three months initial contract, many international students were sponsored by well-reputed organisations.
    • We help students to build their CVs and design LinkedIn profiles.
      *: This is online as entirely a hybrid position, and for what we charge a small number of fees.
      **: Projects start with Excel and continue with SQL, R, or Python, depending on your performance.
      ***: Once your contract finishes, you will receive your work experience certificate, which can be used as your reference for five years.
      Just send your CV; otherwise, complete Registration or send your cover letter here